Using Great Instructional Materials for Great Outcomes

Presentation Description: Itinerant teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing typically have a caseload of all ages and go to many schools each week. Having readily available materials is necessary to meet student needs. This presentation will share many “tried and true” ideas for highly useful materials to use with students with hearing loss.

Three Learner Objectives: The participant will be able to:

1) Share a comprehensive list of favorite materials to use as an Itinerant teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing

2) Recognize how materials can be used to address goals in multiple areas of development.

3) Walk out with ideas on how commonly found materials in a school setting can be used to develop listening, language, and advocacy skills of students with hearing loss.

A resource referred to in this presentation is Steven Hopson – 20 Seconds of Courage. That inspirational YouTube video can be viewed at:

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Using Great Instructional Materials for Great Outcomes
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Speaker Information: Gail Wright, M.A., Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Gail Wright earned her BS DHH teaching degree, a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and an Administration and Supervision Certificate.   She earned a certificate in Auditory and Spoken Language for the Young Child. Gail has worked in a self-contained program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, as DHH Program Administrator but her first love is as an Itinerant Teacher, teaching all ages and a variety of subjects.  She is currently serving students in two high schools and working in the Transition Program. Gail is the author of the Monkey Talk and Hear It, Fix It games and is co-author of Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream with Karen Anderson.

Handouts that Come with this Webcast:

PowerPoint presentation handout – 4 per page (10 pages)

Assessment Questions:

  1. Teacher Tools e-Magazine (Supporting Success) includes all but one of these sections:
    1. Kool Kidz Vidz
    2. Language Instructional Strategies
    3. Materials Library
    4. All About My Hearing
  2. A game that helps develop world knowledge that was described is:
    1. Boggle
    2. Apples to Apples
    3. Bananagrams
    4. Old Maid
  3. The What’s the Problem Game matches challenging listening situations to all but one of the following issues:
  4. Social setting
  5. Person talking
  6. Listening setting
  7. Person listening

You must get all 3 items correct to pass the quiz. You will have 2 tries. You must pass the quiz before you can download your certificate(s) of participation.