We are Zebra Experts! Recognizing the Needs of Zebras in a World of Horses

Presentation Description: Only 1 out of every 100 IEPs is for a child who has been made eligible for specialized instruction primarily due to hearing loss. Students who are deaf or hard of hearing typically require direct instruction from teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, yet there are often misunderstandings about the role and competencies of the teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing in comparison to other special education providers. This session will compare and contrast the competencies of instructional providers and typical learning issues of students with special needs. Ideas will be provided for using this information to advocate for appropriate services for our “zebras.”

Three Learner Objectives: The participant will be able to:

1) Describe the analogy of zebras versus horses when considering the needs of children with hearing loss versus other populations of students.

2) Describe the differences in competencies between the roles of the teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing, speech language pathologist, learning disabilities specialist and the regular education teacher

3) Describe ways in which this knowledge can be used to advocate for appropriate student services.

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Speaker Information: Karen Anderson, PhD, Director of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

Karen Anderson PhD is Director of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss (http://successforkidswithhearingloss.com) which provides online resources, products and continuing education primarily to professionals who work with children with hearing loss. She has worked in clinical, public school and state-level (EHDI) settings to address the needs of children with hearing loss. She is a highly acclaimed and popular presenter in the US and internationally. Supporting Success distributes Bimonthly Updates on various topics written by Karen to more than 11,000 teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, parents and other professionals throughout the school year. Karen is the author of the Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Screening Instruments For Targeting Educational Risk (SIFTER) in children with hearing loss and the Early Listening Function (ELF), and is co-author of the Listening Instrument For Education (LIFE and LIFE-R), Children’s Home Inventory of Listening Difficulties (CHILD), and numerous journal articles and book chapters. Her accomplishments include publication of Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom, the Student Communication Repair Inventory & Practical Training (SCRIPT), Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream, Teacher Tools e-magazine and Steps to Assessment.

Handouts that Come with this Webcast:

Summary of presentation handout (4 pages)

PowerPoint slide handout – 4 per page (12 pages)

IEP Planning Guide

Why Involve the Teacher of the Deaf?

Comparison of Roles in Supporting Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Assessment Questions:

  1. Only ­­­___ of students with IEPs are qualified to receive specialized instruction primarily due to the educational needs resulting from hearing loss.
    1. 1%
    2. 5%
    3. 7%
    4. 11%
  2. An educational practice needs to have an effect size of ___ to account for learning that will occur simply due to the maturation of attending school for a year.
    1. 20
    2. 30
    3. 40
    4. 50
  3. Group work and interactive lessons together comprise ____ of the day in a typical classroom:
  4. 5%
  5. 19%
  6. 27%
  7. 34%

You must get all 3 items correct to pass the quiz. You will have 2 tries. You must pass the quiz before you can download your certificate(s) of participation.